Templates for OneNote from Auscomp Review

The perfect way to structure and organise your Notebooks.

Microsoft OneNote 2016 has a large variety of built-in templates. They offer different pre-set layouts, styles and formatting tools to give your notes a consistent appearance so you can start taking notes without worrying about the structure. OneNote offers you a complete suite of tools to create templates, but you can save time and effort by getting ready-made templates from the web.

With physical distancing now a huge part of daily life thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic, a template can be the perfect way to structure your templates and stay productive whilst you work from home.

There are a number of different sites that offer quality OneNote templates (You can see the top six here: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/best-sites-download-microsoft-onenote-templates/), Templates for OneNote from Auscomp tops the list for its unique and diverse template options. It boasts the biggest collection on the market, 32 in fact! all of which are specifically designed to assist certain facets of life by bringing structure organisation and productivity to your notebooks.

Most of the templates will cost you around $10 USD but there are actually 12 FREE templates that you can download and import straight into your OneNote right now… even if you don’t own a Windows device. The good thing is that it’s simple to do — all you have to do is unlock the template by sharing it through your preferred means, and it's yours. No signups, no credit card information… Easy, and if you have a problem, Auscomp’s friendly support staff can help you out.

Whilst the free templates are excellent for the private use, if you want to use them for work, you’ll probably look into upgrading to one of the 20 PRO versions (Or the discounted packages and bundles). With this, yourself or multiple users get access to more intuitive templates, a support team and precise template customization to tailor your specific needs. The buying process is pretty easy to navigate and again, there are detailed instructions and support to make sure you always get what you paid for.

Now you know everything that Auscomp’s OneNote Templates do offer, here’s what we wish they could improve; The Website. Whilst this isn’t really relevant to the quality of the templates on offer, the dated interface makes it difficult to navigate and know where to look at times.

The Verdict:
Templates for OneNote from Auscomp shows why they are leading the industry through their unique and diverse library of both FREE and PRO templates. The simple buying process and quality of their products overrules the website's flaws by offering templates well below the RRP.
If you’re looking for a way to make your life or your workplace more structured and productive, Templates for OneNote from Auscomp WILL help you do so: https://onenote.auscomp.com/

About Me: 

Hi, I'm Edward Price, I am a small business owner and I love to travel.

Most of my work revolves around OneNote so I would say I know a lot about it. Recently I came across a website with pre-made templates for various purposes in OneNote. What struck my attention was just how large the collection was and the diversity on offer. I decided to purchase some for myself and I was amazed at how it structured and organised my notebooks so uniquely.

As previously mentioned, I have vast experience with OneNote, so I am aware that creating templates can be done, but I had never thought it to be so useful until now. The amount of time and effort I have saved by using a professional template to collaborate my business's affairs has been well worth the investment. So much so that I decided to sing their praises with a review.